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Hard Money Loan

A strategic financing option for real estate endeavors, offering short-term, asset-based lending tailored to the fast-paced demands of the property market. With terms typically ranging from 6 to 24 months, we provide punctual and reliable financing to enable our clients to seize opportunities, undertake renovations, and navigate the competitive real estate landscape with confidence.

Cash Out 

We take pride in our innovative Cash-Out Program, a standout feature in the hard money lending sphere. Tailored for the savvy real estate investor, our program turns your property's dormant equity into dynamic capital, providing you with the means to expand your portfolio, refurbish properties, or invest in new opportunities with agility.


Fix And Flip

Elevate your flipping game with our Fix and Flip Loan, specifically crafted for real estate visionaries poised to transform properties with speed and finesse. Our financial solution offers not just capital, but a competitive edge, featuring short-term agility and investor-friendly rates designed to maximize your returns. 


Investment Rental Property

Unlock the potential of your real estate ambitions with our Investment Property Loan, the ideal leverage for investors aiming to broaden their portfolio horizons. Whether you're eyeing rental properties or other investment opportunities, our financing is engineered to match the pace of your aspirations.

Apartment Building

Construction Loans

Advance your real estate ventures with our Construction Loan, meticulously designed for investors and developers ready to break new ground. Whether you're building from the blueprint up or undertaking substantial renovations, our loan provides the solid foundation you need. With swift processing, competitive rates, and adaptable repayment structures, our loan supports your project from the first dig to the final brick. 

Wooden House

Contact Our Loan Officer

Our Loan Officers will provide professional consultant and customized plan for every customers.

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