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Valuable tool for new and veteran real estate investors. Leverage the property's rental income to secure financing for their next real estate investment.

The Debt Service Coverage Ratio is a financial metric used to assess a property's ability to cover its debt payments, including the loan's principal and interest. A DSCR loan, often used in commercial real estate financing, is a type of loan that focuses on the property's income-generating potential rather than the borrower's personal income.

  • Income-Driven: These loans allow borrowers to leverage the property's rental income to secure financing, reducing the reliance on personal income.

  • Property-Focused: DSCR loans are primarily evaluated based on the income generated by the property being financed, making them suitable for income-generating real estate investments.

  • Accessibility: Since lenders don’t consider personal finances, they’re more accessible to all types of borrowers.

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