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Jumbo (Non-QM)

Designed for high-value properties, with great flexibility and a focus on accommodating complex financial scenarios.

A Non-QM jumbo loan, therefore, combines the characteristics of a non-traditional mortgage (Non-QM) with the financing needs typically associated with high-value properties (jumbo loans). These loans may have flexible underwriting standards and eligibility criteria, making them suitable for borrowers who have non-standard financial profiles or need larger loans to purchase high-value homes.

  • Higher Loan Amounts: Non-QM loans can finance high-value properties that exceed the standard conforming loan limits, providing borrowers with access to larger loan amounts.

  • Flexibility: These loans often have more lenient underwriting criteria, making them accessible to borrowers with non-standard financial profiles or complex income situations.

  • Tailored Solutions: Lenders may customize Non-QM jumbo loans to meet the specific financial needs and unique situations of borrowers.

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