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Supply Chain Financing

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Capital Funding

Capital funding is the lifeblood of every business, and understanding the different options available is crucial for success. At AI Funding, we provide insights and support for various funding strategies to help businesses thrive.


Equity Financing

Equity financing involves raising capital by selling shares or ownership stakes in your business. It's an option that allows you to bring in investors who believe in your vision.

  • Type:

       Private equity

  • No Repayment Obligation: Equity financing doesn't require regular repayment of principal and interest, reducing financial burden on the business.

  • Risk Sharing:

       Bringing in shareholders means         sharing risks and benefits,                     providing not just capital but               also potential new perspectives           and business networks.

  • Less Impact on Cash Flow:

       As there are no regular                           repayments, equity financing               has a smaller impact on a                     company's daily cash flow,                     aiding in operational liquidity               and financial flexibility.


Debt Financing

Debt financing involves borrowing money that you will need to repay with interest. It's a common approach for businesses looking to maintain full control.

  • Types of Debt: ​​

       Term Loans, Lines of Credit,                     Invoice Financing​

  • Ownership Retention:

       Debt financing allows business             owners to retain full control                     and ownership of their company,         as lenders do not require equity             or a share in the company.

  • Tax Benefits:

       Interest payments on debt are               tax-deductible, which can reduce         the overall tax burden of a                       business.

  • Predictable Repayment Schedule:

       Debt instruments typically come           with a fixed repayment schedule,         which helps in financial planning         and budgeting, as businesses can         predict and prepare for their                   repayment obligations.

Finance & Account Back-End Support

Efficient financial and accounting operations are vital for business success. We offer the state of the art back-end support that can streamline your financial processes and help you stay compliant with regulations.

Outsourcing Solutions

As a leading company in our service areas, we leverage our years of experience to offer efficient management and strategic planning.

With our support, your enterprise will surpass its competitors in performance, while simultaneously ensuring adherence to financial regulations, leading to a sustainable enhancement in your overall financial efficiency.

Automation Tools

Our state-of-the-art automation tools significantly reduce errors and save time in critical areas like bookkeeping, invoicing, and payroll management. This ensures high accuracy and efficiency, freeing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.


Partnering with us means your financial operations are streamlined and compliant, providing you with a competitive edge in business efficiency and operational reliability.

Regulatory Compliance

By leveraging our team's expertise in regulatory compliance, you can stay abreast of tax regulations, financial reporting standards, and compliance requirements, thus safeguarding your business from legal complications.


This proactive approach to compliance not only helps in avoiding legal issues but also reinforces your business's credibility and integrity in the marketplace.


With our guidance, you can navigate the complexities of financial regulations with ease, ensuring your business operations remain compliant and efficient.


The world of e-commerce is rapidly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. In this session, we delve into new trends and strategies that can help you excel in the e-commerce landscape.

New E-commerce Frontiers

Explore the latest trends in e-commerce, including the rise of TikTok Shops and Instagram Stores:

Online shop

TikTok Shops

Learn how to leverage the short-form video platform to showcase and sell your products to a younger and engaged audience.

Image by Nik

Instagram Stores

Capitalize on Instagram's visual appeal and expansive user base to build a thriving online store.

Image by Solen Feyissa

Localization of Foreign E-commerce

Expanding your e-commerce business to foreign markets requires a deep understanding of local preferences and regulations.

Door Delivery

Cultural Sensitivity

Learn about adapting your marketing, products, and services to resonate with local customers.

Online shopping

Logistics and Payment

Navigate the challenges of cross-border shipping and offer convenient payment options for global customers.

Contactless Payment
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